FORLÖS - Body work therapy at Rört

At Rört we offer bodywork treatments, as an invitation for you to dive deeper into your self-practice.

You will be guided by the hands of Esther and Morten, who are themselves Rört Members and also body-therapists.

Using techniques from Totum and ManuVision, including massage, breathwork, acupressure, rocking, gentle touch and verbal guiding, they will help you embrace your physical, mental and emotional self.

With a treatment you can strengthen your personal development, by getting a balanced and more powerful body-mind connection. The treatments are aimed at relieving stress and trauma that are stored in the body as tension and pain.


1 treatment à 90 min: 750,- kr.    (Rört members, 575,- kr.)

3 treatments à 90 min*: 2000,- kr. (Rört members, 1500,- kr.)
(*to be taken within three months)



Esther recently graduated from her studies in ManuVision, formerly inspired in Thai-Yoga massage and Reiki. She believes strongly in the powers of the Rört community and was lucky to be involved from the very first seed of the movement, as builder, nurturer and class member.

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Morten follows the Totum philosophy in his bodywork. He loves trees and being social in the Rört community. You can find him dancing in Rikke’s classes and flying around in Acroyoga.

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