Would you like to be part of the team that creates the first UBERÖRT Festival? Starting before participants arrive, you will join a vibrant team and build the festival site and during the festival you will be the helping hands that make magical and memorable experiences possible by preparing venues, making food and doing other practical tasks, as well as cleaning up and sealing the festival.

  • You will contribute with around 5 hours of karmayoga per day and the rest of the time you have off.
  • You will also have a whole day off during the festival itself, where you are free from tasks and can fully immerse yourself into the festival workshops and activities.
  • There will be regular volunteer-gatherings and shared activities (like saunagus, yoga, sharings and other stuff)
  • The volunteer team meets on July 3rd and departs July 10th

As a volunteer, you get a 50% discount off the normal ticket price (paying 1995 kr instead of 3995 kr) and you get all food included during all days. Like other participants, you need to bring your own tent and sleeping equipment.

CLICK HERE to apply for being a volunteer