(50 Hours - Fall 2021)

KNOWING WHAT GOES ON UNDER YOUR SKIN can transform your experience of your own body as well as your teaching. This course is for aspiring or established teachers of movement, including Yoga teachers and students, and others who want to deepen their knowledge of embodied, moving anatomy. Musculoskeletal anatomy is both fascinating in itself and provides the foundation for understanding bodies better, including your skills in analyzing and modifying postures and movements. It can also help you guide more precise and technical classes, have better conversations with colleagues, physios and doctors and give you more confidence as a teacher.

BEYOND AN UPGRADED VOCABULARY AND UNDERSTANDING of all the most important muscles and bones, this course will also engage you in the practice of observing and touching different bodies. These hands-on experiences can sharpen your eyes as a teacher and give you a better intuition and reasoning about how to modify certain positions to work around pain, how to stretch specific muscle groups and perhaps even design your own exercises to target specific areas. You’ll also be teamed up with one or two other participants in learning-groups, so you can practice together during the course and perhaps after as well. Learning with someone else is SO much more fun than learning alone – and it keeps you accountable…


ONLY WHEN YOU ARE CURIOUS can you learn new things. And when your own body is involved in learning, including your voice and senses, learning is more fun and it sticks. Therefore, the course hand-outs, both the manual and flashcards, are colorful and ready for action – for different types of learners. The material is selected to be most relevant and actionable in making you a better teacher and practitioner, and delivered through a playful, two-way teaching approach to engage you and prevent information overload.

The course will consist of three intensives, allowing to dive deeper into the material, and shorter weekly sessions.


Intensive #1 – September 3rd – 5th
Intensive #2 – September: 17th – 19th
Intensive #3 – October: 1st – 3rd

All intensives will run Friday 17:00-20:00, Saturday 08:00-17:00, Sunday 08:00-16:00.


Sundays 19:00 – 20:00: Sep 12th and Sep 26th


THE PRICE FOR THE 50 hours EMBODIED ANATOMY COURSE is 6.000,- DKK. Members of Rört get a 10% discount and pay 5.400,- DKK.
Required material is the book “Trail Guide to the Body” by Andrew Biel. (not included in the price).
The course will be taught in English.

To sign up for the course, go to our course page here.
You will get a full refund, should the corona-regulations force us to cancel this course. For the details and the cancellation policy, please read our terms and conditions.

YOU WILL GET A RÖRT 50 hours EMBODIED ANATOMY CERTIFICATE after the course, if you have attended a minimum of 85 % of the sessions.

TEACHER: Peter Hunter

THE MAIN TEACHER ON THE TRAINING is Peter Hunter. Peter has extensive experience as a practitioner and teacher in yoga, acroyoga and strength and conditioning. He is an educated physiotherapist and has 250hrs of experience in Yoga Teacher Trainings (Hamsa and Rört). He is a certified Stretch Therapy coach and personal trainer (Kropsakademiet). Peter is also an avid barefoot runner and passionate handstander