Rört Family Classes

Below you can see the Rört schedule of family classes. Read more by clicking on a title

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Tickets & Info

All family tickets can be used for the 3 types of family classes at rört: Family-Yoga, Family-Akroyoga, Family-Sauna

Single event (1 adult + 1 child):
Rört member price: 100 kr
Non member price: 150 kr

5x Klippekort (1 adult + 1 child):
Rört member price: 400 kr
Non member price:  600 kr
(In order to buy a klippekort, first select a class and click sign up and then select “klippekort” as your payment option)

Please write an email to hello@rort.dk if you are joining more than 1 adult + 1 child for a family class.

Spoken Language in Family Classes:
The spoken language in a Rört family class will be Danish as default, but you or your child doesn’t need to be able to speak Danish and you can still join for a great experience anyway.