Möllan Retreat - Rört by Nature

A magical water mill resting deep in Smålands forest, carefully morphed into a retreat place with the clear intention to bring you home:

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FOREST NATURE RESERVE: The forest behind Möllan is a protected nature reserve that for almost 200 years has been kept untouched by any kind of forest management and logging. The forest is filled with berries and mushrooms when in season, and there are both paths you can follow or you can go off track. And if you’re lucky, you can spot the occasional moose in here.

LAKES: Möllan lies directly at the shores of a forest lake perfect for swimming in or just sitting and watching the water. The wood-fired sauna hut is also located close to this lake. The lake connects to a larger system of lakes that can be accessed by e.g. canoe or kayak, which are available in the old Mill & Boathouse (read more below).

LAND & GARDEN: Möllan Retreat lies on 2 hectares of land that includes a lushious grass fields, an apple orchard, campsites, a vegetable garden, an outdoor kitchen plus longtable, as well as forests and a river stream running through.

Möllan Facilities

YOGA SHALA: The practice space at Möllan has space for 25 yogamats and features a beautiful wooden floor with a a spectacular view of the forest nature reserve.

BEDROOMS: Möllan Retreat has 8 separate bedrooms with space for between 2 and 4 people in each room.

COMMUNITY SPACE: The ground floor of the old Mill-house has been converted to a cosy community space & living room with long tables for dinners.

SAUNA: The Möllan Sauna is right at the lakeside. Here the woodfired oven provides heat and steam with the option of going for cooling and refreshing dips in the lake in between.

MILL & BOATHOUSE: Part of the old mill has been converted into a boathouse with kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddleboards that you can take for an exploration on the lakes.

MOVEMENT SPACE & DANCEFLOOR: The old barn has been converted to a large gathering space for dance, movement practices, concerts and other events.