Here you can enter the online classes at Rört

Before you join an online class at Rört, please read the instructions below.

If you have done so and you signed up for a class on our website or app, click on the “Enter the next class” button:
(or use Meeting ID: 871 3866 9309 and password: 198691 )


You can sign up for the classes with a membership or our Online Access Ticket.
👉 Read more and get your ticket or membership here.


The online classes at Rört take place on a program called Zoom. This allows us to run the classes with great audio and video quality and also see each other, ask the teacher a question and create an interactive class experience. You can join from a laptop (which is recommended), but also from your smartphone, iPad or other tablet.


Click here to get the program: Zoom for your laptop , Zoom for your iPhone/iPad, Zoom for your Samsung/android
If you cannot download Zoom, you can also join directly via your browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, …), but we recommend installing Zoom for the best experience.


1.) Sign up for a class on our schedule here or the app (or via ClassPass).
Read the class description to make sure there is no special sign-up requirement for that class. All class times are Copenhagen time.
2.) Click on the “Enter the next class” button on top of this page 10 minutes before class starts, to arrive at our waiting room.
3.) Now the teacher will be notified that you are waiting and check your full name (see below) to make sure you signed up for the class. If the Zoom username matches the sign up list, you will be able to enter the virtual studio.


How do I enter my full name to Zoom?




For all other questions:

Take a look at our guide here: Rört Online Classes Guide (pdf)
You can also take a look at our FAQ section “Questions?“, e.g. if you cannot log into your account, or send us an email.

Buy your online membership or ticket

This year, we were forced to learn about the advantages of online classes, how they can be a great way to keep up your practice if you cannot make it to our studio, whether you are busy, live too far away or are gone on holidays. It is also a great way to deepen your practice, to try new classes and teachers from the comfort of your home. If you want to join our online classes, you have several options.


Get a Rört Online Membership

With our Rört Online Membership, you can sign up for an unlimited number of “Online at home” classes for 199,- Danish Kroners a month. This membership renews every month and allows you to join virtual member-only events or get member discounts on online courses or workshops.

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If you have a promotion code, please click here instead.


Get a 1 month online access ticket
Don’t want to commit to a membership? You can also get your “1 month unlimited Rört online access” ticket for 249,- Danish Kroners (~33 Euros), which allows you to sign up for an unlimited number of “Online at home” classes for one month.
This is not a membership, so you will not be able to join member-only events or get member discounts on courses or workshops and the ticket will expire after one month.

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Please be aware that these options are not valid for “live at Rört” or “online at Rört” studio classes. If you want to sign up for a studio class to practice with us in real life in Copenhagen, you can see those memberships on this page here.

Alternatively you can also sign up for a single online class, just go directly to the schedule, click on “sign up” and follow the steps on screen.

See you in class. 🙂