Classes and signatures

Movement can touch you in many ways. We have gathered the disciplines that we find most moving and we have selected the teachers that we most believe in to bring you that experience.

Below you can read about the classes and Signature Classes we have collected in Rört – and hopefully get inspired to sign up for a movement discipline that you have not tried yet.


Acroyoga I

Acroyoga gives you the focus and sensitivity of yoga combined with the strength and playfulness of acrobatics. Be challenged in your abilities to communicate through your body, to find a balance between power and flow, and to trust in others – and yourself. Become strong and flexible while you’re having fun.

Acroyoga II

An acroyoga class for the experienced. Less time is spent on the basics and more time on experimenting and bringing quality to challenging transitions. It is expected that you have a minimum of 6 months of experience and feel safe about all the basic movements.

Berört (Touch)

In our signature class “Berört” we work with touch that goes beyond skin deep.

The class offers a space to share touch, allow wordless connection and letting the bodies speak. Through exercises inspired from body work, theatre, intimacy work, and ritualised play spaces we investigate what kind of touch and movement makes us connect outward and inward, and how we can allow touch to touch us deeply. You can come alone or bring a partner.

Contact Impro

Contact inprovisation is a dynamic dance form that embraces playfulness, develops technical and sensory skills, and the art of listening with the whole body. Through physical contact and bodily improvisations we will meet the moment with our senses open. It is fun, challenging, creative and will hopefully inspire you to use your body and mind in new ways.


Get out of your mind and into your body to the sound of catchy melodies and groovy beats. Dance is free movement and you are invited to find your own expression, your connection to the music, and to yourself. The class is energetic and uplifting and allows you to meet the rest of your day full of energy and with a strong connection to your body. Everyone can participate.

Fällessang (Singing)

Fällessang in Rört is weekly kirtan, the practice of singing simple mantras. It’s a joyful discipline, that reminds us to keep lightheartedness and ecstasy in our spiritual practice. Kirtan is a meditation with sound, in which we go where the song takes us.

All voices are welcome, and each kirtan has a different sound, created by those who participate. We practice listening and following the energy wherever it goes, be it up and down, from quiet to ecstatic.. Singing has a transformative and healing power and singing together enhances this power.

Kämp (Fight)

Rört’s Signature Class Kämp is a heartful fightclub and your chance to get to tumble around and wrestle and be in direct contact with other grown-ups. The class moves close to the floor, focuses on a solid warm-up, and sets the frame for you to experience yourself in fight within a safe, powerful and heartful setting.

Löb (Run)

Löb is a Rört Signature Class which elegantly and efficiently allows you to experience both yoga, running, and strength even before Copenhagen has really woken up. We move together, outside of usual the quantitative categories, supported by each other and the experience of rhythm and calmness. Come and float along in meditative running and exhilarating sprints.


Parkour in Rört trains your ability to move creatively and playfully and enhances your eyes’ ability to see movement opportunities in different urban areas.

Roklubben (The Calm Club)

Roklubben is a modern meditation community that gathers once a week to calm down. It is not important whether you have any experience with meditation. It is important that you wish to turn down the tempo and breathe alongside other Copenhageners. The meditations are guided by a teacher from Rört.

Rört Special

Rört Special is an umbrella for all those things that happens in Rört but isn’t part of the weekly schedule. Every Wednesday night there is a member driven event – either a SuppeKLUB (Soup Club), a FÄLLESskabelse (Co Creation), where we develop or rebuild Rört together, a concert – or something completely different, that we feel ought to have a space in the community.


Saunagus takes place in Rört’s woodfired sauna. We use the heat from the sauna and the cold from our cald water tub to create presence and softness in our bodies – and to create a space for us to sit close together, breate together and let the sweat flow. In each session, a gus master will set the pace, control the temperature, decide on the etheric oils being poured on the oven and guide the vibe.


Stärk is a Rört signature class that has the liberatingly simple goal to make you stronger. In the class you will get stronger, gain mobility and endurance by using your own body weight. You do not have to be Superman to show up, but you must be ready for an efficient and hard workout that gets your sweat dripping. Like all other Rört classes, Stärk ends with a relaxation, so you can feel where you’ve been moved, turn up your awareness and sensitivity and move on with you day in a positive way.

Trappeträning (Stairtraining)

Stairtraining is a magnificient way to train strength, mobility and endurance at one and the same time. We explore a range of different basic movements within jumping, running, balancing and crawling up and down the stairs. Everyone can participate – and there is always an extra step to add or subtract.



FLOW is a yoga class focusing on breathing and smooth transitions with comfortable beats in the background. The class is rooted in vinyasa yoga and you are assisted to find your own flowing rhythm in the movements while breaking a sweat and enhancing your presence in your own body.


SLOW is a calm and meditative yoga class that gives space and time to deepen the experience in each pose. SLOW is inspired by gentle hatha classes and yin yoga and includes both meditation and a rest at the end of the class.


GROW is a powerful yoga class focusing on technique and good alignment. GROW is inspired by the abilities of hatha and anusara yoga that invites the body to “grow” in the positions. The classes take time to explore the effects of good technique and offer opportunities to try out more challenging poses.