Looking for a personal present?

How about a giftcard for a massage course instead of another pair of socks?!

Whether it is your girlfriend’s birthday or you just want to show your mum that you love her – whatever the occasion might be, how about giving an experience instead of giving stuff? With a Rört giftcard, you can give the experience of a Thai Yoga Massage Workshop, some mediation classes or sauna sessions, or a month of yoga practice.

How it works
1) You can get a gift card for one of our upcoming courses (see them here), for a month of Rört membership and for our Klippekort. You can also choose an amount for the gift card yourself if you cannot find the type of gift card you were looking for. To see all the options just click on the button below.

NB: If you want to give a card for a specific course, please inform us via email as well so we can make sure to save a spot!

2) After purchasing the giftcard you will receive an email confirmation with the giftcard attached as a pdf-document. You can either print it out, or be creative and crafty and draw/paint/saw/dance your own gift card version and just include the gift card number you have received and the instructions.
Terms and Conditions apply.


Have you received a gift card?

Congratulations, lucky you!

If your gift card is meant for a specific course or workshop, please email us directly to  hello@rort.dk so we can add you to the course list.

If you do not have an account yet, you can already create one quickly by clicking on this link here.

You can also give us a call and we will be happy to get you started as easily as possible. Welcome to Rört!