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Rört Schedule


We believe that different people and different days call for different kinds of movement. We believe that a run can be as moving as a yoga class and we hope that our schedule can meet you exactly where you are. Our schedule offers you classes that are calm and meditative, and classes that are powerful and challenging.

Although the classes span widely, they are based on the same ideas and they all share some common traits. All classes begin with a centering and they finish with a relaxation or short meditation session.

Signature Classes

Rört Signature Classes are novel and unique classes that we have co-developed with our teachers specifically for Rört. In these classes we experiment together and develop the content and format as we move. Kämp (Fight), Löb (Run), Berört (Touch) and Selvhjälp (Selfhelp) are examples of this.


We use our surroundings for some of our classes – especially in spring and summer we love to move in the urban spaces of Copenhagen. So be aware of the location of the classes you sign up for. You can check them by clicking on “View Details” and they will be displayed as “Room”.