Has Rört transformed your life?

The past years since starting Rört have been an intense journey for us, full of challenges and learnings – but also new opportunities and many beautiful moments. We want to make sure we do not lose focus on what we are building with Rört and why we are building it: We are doing this to transform lives.

To make sure we stay focused and ambitious, we want to hold ourselves accountable to this mission and we decided to measure our success in “numbers of lives transformed”.

Of course we cannot measure that ourselves, so if you had any meaningful experience at or through Rört, anything that made an impact on you, please share it with us via the form below, or use this link here.

You can just click yes or no, or you can also share a short story. And you can leave your name or email, or stay anonymous. You can also save the link for later if you don’t need it yet.

Maybe it helps you to keep focus and stay ambitious as well: To keep looking for a meaningful practice that has the potential to transform you.

Thank you for your help. And thank you for transforming our lives.
Björn and Jeppe