No. Just no. You might get flexible and fit along the way, but it is absolutely no requirement for joining Rört. Just show up for practice, that is all we ask of you.

Classes at Rört will be taught in English, unless everybody in the class prefers Danish. Our teachers are fluent in both languages and will make sure you feel welcome and are able to follow the class.

Since our capacities are limited at our beautiful little studio, we recommend you to sign up for the classes here. When you sign up for a class, we will also be able to inform you about any changes, e.g. in the rare case that the teacher might get sick and we have to cancel the class.

If you show up without having signed up beforehand, and there are still spots left in the class, you are obviously invited to join – we just can not guarantee you a spot.

Argh, how annoying! We created this guide here for the most common issue and hope it can help you to log-in and get back to booking classes as soon as possible.
If you forgot your password, just click on the “Need new password?” link on the log-in screen (or here).
If there are still problems, please send us an email.

You can bring your own mat and also store it at Rört. If you don’t have a mat, you can buy one at Rört or rent a mat for one class for 25,- kr.

We offer very different classes, for example yoga, parkour, acroyoga, meditation and running. These classes will challenge different muscles and joints, and will be of lower or higher intensity. If you are aware of a condition that might affect your participation in a class, please reach out to us at and we will try to find a solution with the teacher.

Yes. You don’t have to take that lovely, sweaty body of yours straight to work or university after a class, as we do have a uni-sex changing room with a shower.

You can get your Rört membership on this page here. We have different membership options that include access to all regular classes in our weekly schedule and give you discounts on courses, workshops and retreats as well. You can read up on those different memberships on that page as well. Come and join us.
If you do not have an account yet, you will quickly need to set one up during the process, to be able to sign-up for classes later.

No, the monthly membership will renew automatically.

Yes, you can also book your classes via an app. It is not our own Rört app (yet), but called Mindbody, which is our booking software provider.

1. Download the app for your iPhone or for Android phones .
2. Create the account with the same email you use for your Rört account (!).
3. Confirm the email you receive to activate your app account
4. ..and you can find Rört, set it as “Favorite” so it comes up directly when you open the app, and use your membership or your other tickets to sign up for classes.

If you go to “Profile” and “Settings”, you can also choose to have your class schedule synchronized to your phone or google calendar: How convenient! 🙂

We understand that your plans might change and travels or a new job make it hard to attend classes regularly. That is why you can cancel your membership every month (or, change it into a  4+1 classes membership )- and in case you cancel, there luckily is no need to send a hand-written letter six months before you want to cancel.

Just send us an email at . You need to send it ten days before your membership renews. Then we can make sure to cancel it on time before the next payment. For late cancellations we have to charge an additional administration fee, please see the cancellation policy in our terms and conditions. It is not possible to cancel for dates in the past, only for upcoming renewals.

We hope that you enjoyed your time with us. 🙂

You can use this link to update your payment information and credit card details. That will ensure that your membership does not get anulled and that you can still book classes in the future.

Your membership will run for four weeks from the date of purchase, that means if you bought it on May 20th, it will renew on June 20th again.
You can see the renewal date of your membership by logging in to your account (via the account icon on top right of our website) and going to your profile and on “Passes”. Here it will show the expiration date of your membership.

The studio is located in Vermundsgade 13, right in between Nørrebro and Østerbro and close to Fælledparken.
You can see the map here.

From towels, t-shirts, waterbottles, underwear and shoes, we found pretty much everything at our studio already! (Seriously, how do you forget your pants?)
Anyway, we have a Lost & Found box in our changing room where we place all the ownerless items that we find at the studio. Best to come by as soon as possible to have a look, since we cannot take any reponsibility for those items.

Our classes are not suited for children, we are sorry. We do not have a room where they could play either.

Some classes have a waiting list in case they are fully booked. You can sign-up for the waiting list then and – up until three hours before the class starts, so while a cancellation counts as an early cancellation – you will receive an email notification if someone else cancelled and you got a spot for the class.
People from the waiting list will be added in the order of their sign-ups.

In case you are not a member, you might have to buy a ticket for the class in order to sign up for the waiting list, just like you would sign up for the class directly. This is to make sure you can be added directly when a spot becomes free, and the ticket will not be used if you do not get a spot.

Less than three hours before class start a cancellation counts as a late cancellation and you will not be added automatically anymore. This is to make sure you don’t get added to the class without being able to cancel without charge anymore.
We will still do our best to notify you then if a spot becomes available.

If you scroll down, at the bottom of every page you will find a link to our “Terms and conditions“. There you can find all the details about tickets, memberships,  cancellations, etc.

Fair enough. Try this here, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Or come to our meditation class.