The three corners of movement

Your movement practice has three corners. You either move alone, in company with others, or in relation to your surroundings. In each corner you can learn something unique about yourself and your body.

In our schedule you will find teaching in disciplines from all three corners of the triad. You can read more about the specific classes below.

1. Alone

When you move alone you create a space that is undisturbed and yours. It is in itself a tiny revolution and grants you space to understand your body and explore its potentials. These classes create among other things calmness and integrity and empower you to dance a little more freely through city life.

Yoga, Dance og Roklubben (The Calm Club) are all classes where you can expect to move alone.

2. With others

In Rört we believe in body contact. It is a basic ingredient in a meaningful life. But in the city we often end up alone and untouched and we apologise if we accidentally touch each other. We are challenging this, and therefore physical contact is a big part of Rört. It can be anything from dancing together to fighting each other and we believe that trust, confidence, and the ability to communicate with others are enhanced while we are having fun.

Acroyoga, Kämp (Fight) og Berört (Touch) are all classes where we practice together with other people.

3. In relation to surroundings

We think that movement belongs in the cityscape and that Copenhagen is full of great places to practice and play. When we practice in the city, we strengthen our own relation to the surrounding environments while also inspiring others. Therefore many of our classes are taught in a park, on stairs, or on a specifically inviting street corner.

Parkour, Trappetræning (Stairtraining), Löb (Run) are all classes taking place in relation to our surroundings.