Movement and Meditation for your company

Luckily, the physical and mental well-being at the workplace is getting more and more attention in the corporate world.
We support this development wholeheartedly!

The positive effects of yoga and meditation on stress management, increased creativity and the ability to carry out goal-oriented behavior have been shown in lots of studies by now. Our mission, though, is not just ‘to make employees more efficient, productive and stress resilient’.

We want to help you develop the humans at your company, with their whole body and mind. We are flexible with the formats we can offer, but our content will always be ambitious and impact-driven.

What we offer

We can provide regular movement practices, like a weekly company yoga class at your office with one of our teachers.

We also had great fun facilitating playful acroyoga sessions at teambuilding events or company parties!

Besides these more energizing and revitalizing activities, regular Meditation sessions can be a great way to calm the mind and find moments of peace in the busy daily routines.

We recommend formats like a 6-week mindfulness course, though. These allow to go deeper, so you and your employees can learn some tools and techniques to develop your own mindfulness practice.

Meditating with 1000 people at an international technology conference or delivering inspiring keynotes on movement, health or the role of the human in the digital age are other activities we are passionate about and that we have facilitated in the past.


Among others, we have worked with Coloplast, Danish Broadcasting, Novo Nordisk, Accenture and SKAT before.

If you are interested in working with us as well, please get in contact.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!