Body-therapy and one-on-one sessions at Rört

In Rört we offer Manuvision Body-therapy and Thai Yoga Massage sessions as an opportunity for you to dive deeper in your self-practice, feel what is presently moving inside you and get an experience of the body-mind connection. A one-on-one session gives the opportunity to have your immediate and unique needs in focus.

Our team are all full-hearted and active members of the community and have helped build and shape the framework of Rört from the very beginning.

Mathias and Esther offer Manuvision Body-therapy treatments. Line offers Thai Yoga Massage and facilitation of The Work sessions.


This holistic form of body-therapy includes massage, breathwork, acupressure, rocking, gentle touch and verbal guiding. It will help you embrace your physical, mental and emotional self, get intimate with your inner landscape and discover old ingrained patterns of resistance.

The treatments can help you get in contact with emotional and energetic blockages, aching, pain, tension and stress. Help you to recover from an injury or create a greater sense of flow, connection and balance in your daily life.

We are always following the immediate needs of the client, and no two sessions are alike.


Thai yoga massage is called the ‘Sacred Dance’ because of the applied techniques that give weight, rocks and invites space in the body in an ongoing moving meditation.

It is a firm and gentle, yet profound way of working with the body-mind, that brings a heightened body awareness and a deep sense of rest and renewed energy. Working on joints, muscles, connective tissues and the nervous system, the massage releases blocked energy and supports you to relax deeply.

You can come for a Thai yoga massage with specific symptoms, as part of dealing with stress or anxiety, or simply because you want to receive meditative, connected touch.

Esther has a background in health and nutrition sciences and a long history of diverse movements. Led by her gut instinct she has found her way over Acroyoga to Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki healing and lately to Manuvision – which, through a deeply transformative process on a personal level, has opened a new and heightened sensitivity to be present with her clients.

Body-therapy treatment
Scaled pricing, you pay what is sustainable to you.
650-850 kr. / 75 min.
1.500-2.500 kr. / 3×75 min. – to be used within three months.

Contact and booking / +45 42 70 73 45
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Mathias is a holistic craftsman, with a background in music, theater-production and architecture. Since embarking on the journey of Manuvision in 2019, he utilizes his sense for detail, quality and structures in the world of Body-therapy. He’s an excellent listener, and believes that your body is already free – we just need to find out what is holding it back.

Body-therapy treatment
800 kr. / 75 min. (600 kr. for students and low income)

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Line has worked in the field of body, movement and touch for many years. With a foundation in meditation, yoga, Thai Yoga Massage and acroyoga, as well as ceremonial practices, theater, voice work, and conscious relating, she has given Thai Yoga Massage sessions for the last 8 years.

Thai yoga massage session
600 kr. / 90 min. – In Rört or on Møn

Contact and booking / +45 31 36 31 32
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