Rört Membership Support fund

Right now, movement, meditation and commitment to a practice is more important for us than ever before, while at the same time a lot of people struggle financially due to the lockdown. As a solution, we have been thinking about a “pay it forward”-system for a while: Do you know those coffee shops, where you can pay for an extra coffee when you buy yours and the second coffee will be given to someone in need?

For us at Rört this would mean members supporting each other by paying for a membership another member can currently not pay for. This is the idea behind the Membership Support fund.

Recently, a humble member made a very generous offer to Rört, which left Jeppe and me with some tears in our eyes and a fire in our heart – so we decided to make this generous donation the foundation of our new Membership support fund. It is not technically a “fund”, rather a pool of prepaid memberships, like a giftcard for another member.

We believe this is a great way for us to support each other in our practice in these times. You can read about the details and how it works below.

How does it work?


1) Send an email to supportfund@rort.dk

2) Tell us which membership type you would like make use of (Online, 4+1 classes, …)

3) and describe your situation, with however much info you want to share.
Whether that is one sentence like ” I cannot pay for the membership right now” or a whole paragraph on what is happening in your life, you choose.
We will base this fund on trust and grant all requests, so you don’t have to “apply” and compete for the most heart braking story. All we would like to know is that it is an honest request.

4) To make sure the membership does not just keep running in the background, the memberships will only be active for one month. You can just send another email and apply again, though.

We will inform you about your membership activation and grant all requests, until the fund is empty (which leads to the next point…).


The support fund could currently support about twelve full Rört memberships for two months.This is a great start, but we hope we can keep this running a little longer, with your support for the support fund. It does not have to be a full membership, but any contribution to the fund will allow it to keep supporting members in their practice.

If you want to contribute to the membership support fund, you have three options:

1) Buy a gift card with any amount you want to contribute :
Click here to get a Support fund gift card

2) Mobilepay any amount with the subject “Support fund” to Rört’s mobilepay number 12178

3) Instead of a one-time support, you can also add a supporter upgrade to your membership to pay monthly into the fund with the amount you select:
Click for Rört Supporter starter: 20 kr a month
Click for Rört Supporter 1: 50 kr a month
Click for Rört Supporter 2: 100 kr a month
Click for Rört Supporter 3: 200 kr a month
Click for Rört Supporter 4: 495 kr a month