How can you support Rört at the moment?

Dear you,

Our studio is currently closed and standing empty, workshops and sauna rentals have been cancelled, presentations and conferences postponed. We are lucky that we could transition to digital class formats this quickly and for the support from our members during this period.

Still, we are hoping that Rört will make it through this time, so there is a studio and a courtyard for us to play in when we can meet in real life again.

We are grateful for all the support so far, and if you want to help Rört as well, there are several ways:


  • Giftcards, either as a donation or to be used for online classes or real life classes and events later this year again, can help us. You can e.g. get a
      • or

    and please see our page with Rört gift card infos here.


  • Donate any amount to our Mobilepay account on 12178.


Read more on how our studio is adapting to the new reality and coronavirus challenges: Rört Coronavirus updates

And see our activites on Rört’s Instagram profile or on our Facebook page.


Thank you for your support!

Take care and all the best for the upcoming weeks.
With love from Rört,
Jeppe, Björn and team