Birgitte Gorm

I ran into a Tibetan Lama as a teenager. He must have made a big impression, it’s been 30 years and I still find myself regularly on a cushion, just staring into space.

I´m not sure if I got anything from all the yoga and Zen training that followed. I lost a few things though. Today, even my best ideas are continuously ridiculed by the fact that the daylight just changed. Or the teens’ voices from the kitchen. Or life tingling inside my palm. It´s with wonder and strange relief I realize – over and over again – that I really have no clue what’s going on.

My teaching has its own life and can best be described by its impractical tendency to fall apart every 7-10 years and then give way to something unruly. I never see it coming. They say it’s bad for business. They are completely right.

What to expect from my classes here at Rört? I hope it’s going to be embodied self-enquiry. I love sharing ways of moving directly from felt sensation rather than in accordance with scripture. I like non-linearity, unwinding around yoga postures, flowing in waves, rivers, spirals. I like the generosity of gravity, rocking, sounding and exploring the subtle rhythms of breath and awareness. And deep rest. And just sitting together, listening to the local neighborhood sutra.

What will you gain from all of this? Absolutely nothing. I guarantee it.

Meet me at: Yoga SLOW Yoga FLOW and Yoga GROW