Dorte Bjerre Jensen

I have always been a very active and physical human being. I’ve ventured through life as a football player and martial artist doing taekwondo. and for me that was always about understanding the game between the people involved – understanding the contact that was established, and how I related to that myself. Then I started doing contact improvisation, and suddenly it felt like everything fell into place; I felt home.

Today, as a dancer, performer, researcher, facilitator, therapist and human being my practice is deeply rooted in bodily awareness.

I find contact impro to be a necessity in society at large, because it teaches us to listen more. It teaches us to listen to others in a fully present and compassionate way, but most importantly it reminds us to listen to ourselves and gives us a possibility to regain that bodily awareness. Become aware of our need for both touch and boundaries – and how they can coexist.

I am constantly moved in classes. By people showing up, people staying and people exploring and investigating themselves.

Meet me at: Contact Improvisation