Janni Popp

I was drawn to yoga in 2013, a few months after a car accident had left its marks and limitations in my body. I found my way to the yoga mat and eventually I rediscovered my flexibility, strength, body awareness and gratitude. I experienced that it was enough to be me – which was in dramatic contrast to what I found in the world of theatre that I was otherwise engaged in.

In my teachings I want to create and hold a space, in which you can close your eyes and tune into your body, your senses and your intuition. I love free and organic movements, repetitions and visualizations. I am not interested in ‘perfect outer’ alignment, but rather on you letting go of the idea of something being right or wrong so you can stay curious and find your own way, by letting your body take you into movements that feel good for you. I love playing with sequencing and music, and I’m deeply fascinated by finding movement in stillness and stillness in movement.

It touches me when a group of people arrive in their own space, together. When people surrender to the present moment and allow themselves to take up space and ownership of their practice.

Meet me at: Yoga FLOW & SLOW, Shake the Dust