Luke MacAuley

No matter how much I learn or evolve, I am still always looking for two integral things in life, presence and connection. I am continually proven that this is always possible through a physical practice in the presence of a well-meaning community. Whether it be on my yoga mat, the dance floor or the wooden seat of the sauna, I am continually able to find such presence and connection in my practice at Rört.

When we sit together in a saunagus we are striving for exactly that. If yoga was her subtle younger cousin, the sauna is definitely the fierce older whom offers no place to hide. The power of the heat breaks down the most stubborn of layers and quickly offers us the opportunity the quieten down, sit with it, and listen in. As they say in Finland ‘All people are created equal, but nowhere more so, than in a sauna.

For 1000’s of years the sauna has been a place of ceremony throughout the whole world. Whether it be in the form of Temazcal in Central America, or the traditional wood burning saunas of Finland – the practice of sitting together in the heat has brought people together for centuries. As a lover of the natural world and a believer in the power of the four elements I am continually enthusiastic to share the ceremony of sauna-gus with others.

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