I am an an explorer by heart and have traveled the world and lived and worked in 6 different countries before the age of 30, yet now I’m mostly exploring my inner world and it never seems to get boring. Especially being the mother of two and spending my days in awe and frustration of the teachings my little ones.

What I love about yoga and meditation, is that it’s like a warm hug. It doesn’t need to be analyzed. It just works and we feel it. We immediately feel happier, lighter, and more balanced and connected with ourselves and others. And that’s why I first got into yoga back in 2001, because it made me feel happy and light. I’m in love with the flow state of moving and being and teach creative, breath-filled and meditative flowy classes. I’m also a prenatal, postnatal & baby&me yoga teacher, and do events at companies to reduce stress.

I am touched when students have eye-opening mind-body experiences connecting them back to their true self.

Meet me at: Yoga Flow , Yoga Grow & Slow (sub)