Rasmus Bugge

Movement and community have been the two great teachers guiding me through the journey of life. I began with a lot of movement without community but also a lot of community without movement. It was only when these two parts connected in Rört that felt connected to more heartfulness, to playfulness and to feeling that I really belonged, both when moving and being social.
I found joy in being a total beginner in new disciplines, realizing that the true value of getting good at something ,whether that is yoga, dance, or parkour, is really not about what you end up being able to do or becoming a master, but about enjoying the whole journey, regardless of where you end up, with all the stories, injuries and joys.

It moves me when I can fuel your curiosity and playfulness through movement to show you just how adaptable of an amazing human being you are, belonging right where you are.

Meet me at: BEVÄG, Yoga FLOW & GROW