Sasa Lukic

Five years ago, when I decided to start travelling, I reconnected with an old friend: Music. At some point, I found myself with two old-school turntables in front of me and took the first steps to learn the art of DJ’ing. It was a very special moment where I found a way to express myself, full of energy, and a desire to share this newfound language of mine.

Over the years this language has evolved and I find myself drawn to creating and facilitating spaces where music is the central element, inviting for free movement, emotional exploration, calmness and contemplation.
You will find this when I facilitate the saunagus in the Sauna, and when I facilitate the Dance x Sauna where I am combining two elements that are very close to my heart.

It moves me when I meet a set of eyes and no words are spoken, just the language of music and movement; understanding each other on another level.

Meet me at: Saunagus & Dance x Sauna