Sophie Kirk

I started my own yoga journey more than 10 years ago and ever since yoga has been a part of my life and a way to mental and physical health. I love both gentle and nourishing yoga especially the more physical and challenging classes where you maybe explore something new about yourself. Both gives me space to feel and to observe my reaction patterns. Each time I get to know myself a little bit more.

In my yoga teaching I emphasize being present and aware in the moment. In my classes you will find themes related to natures elements and music to support the journey. I do not focus on the ‘perfect’ outer alignment, but on letting you find your own authentic expression, both through free flows and organic movement I offer.

It moves me when I arrive in my own heart, when I feel it all without getting stuck and when I get eye contact with other people.

Meet me at: Yoga FLOW & SLOW and Shake the Dust