Stinna Shaktiva

Yoga found its way into my life as a young gymnast and dancer in 2001. First in the form
of Asthanga yoga which repaired my unbalanced body, and became a practice I found peace, strength and felt at home in. Later the very same practice brought many yoga injuries, and felt like a dogmatic prison with lots of rules. It opened the door to discover and experiment with different methods and traditions.
The way I practice and teach yoga, dance and bodywork has changed form many times, and fortunately continue to do so.

I love discovering freedom in form, in ways that opens pathways to flow. A sun salutation or a small sequence, a repetition of a kriya or a mantra can be like a safe container, in a world that is constantly changing. There is a field where form and free movement, sound and stillness merge together, and I find that space very potent, peaceful and alive.

It moves me again and again when people show up, move, dance, sing, close their eyes, check in and take time to practice, discover and connect.

Meet me at: Kundalini & Gong