IF YOU HAVE PRACTICED JUST A LITTLE BIT OF ACROYOGA, you have probably been in situations where you needed to teach someone else the basics in order to have someone to play with. It’s an obvious move to share the practice you love and this training will help you to stand with clarity as a teacher, to grow the seed within and to have fun along the way.

THE TRAINING IS ABOUT GROWING THE TEACHING SEED through three main pillars: 1. Deepening your acroyoga practice (both physical and philosophical understanding), 2. Growing as a teacher and person (your personal growth is the fuel for your teacher fire – the warmer it gets the more people can gather) 3. Learning to create and lead supportive and sustainable communities.

1. THE ACROYOGA PRACTICE. In the training, you will dive deep into the acroyoga practice in a sustainable way, embodying stability, trust and mindfulness in the three basic roles of the solar (acrobatic)  practice. In the vibrant and energizing solar practice, we’ll explore the principles that make skillful carrying full of grace and ease. You can also look forward to the healing lunar arts of thai yoga massage and flying therapeutics, which we will practice, but focus less on teaching.

2. THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER. The role of the teacher also needs to be carried skillfully, and this is not always easy. Through practical experiences teaching, feedback and discussions we will explore concrete ways to Grow as a teacher while both taking care of yourself and carrying the responsibility of that role more confidently and sustainably.

3. A SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY: Perhaps most importantly, this training is an opportunity to be part of and learn how to lead a sustainable community, where you can trust your place in a circle of supportive and honest people. We will share the joy of playing and build those connections between us that can carry us through a heartfelt life.

BÄREDYGTIGHED MEANS TO CARRY SKILLFULLY, and also translates to “sustainable” – two amazing qualities we believe to be the core of a good and transformative practice.

The format of the training will be two 4-days retreats deep in the Swedish forest plus a 4 days immersion immersion in Rört in Copenhagen. The retreats serve as an excellent frame for getting the focus clear and further it offers a great chance to experience and live community – to practice what we are to preach.


THE TEACHERS ON THE COURSE – Julie Hendel, Peter Hunter and Jeppe Skovgaard.

Julie and Peter are a couple who met each other through acroyoga. Julie is a professional fashion designer specializing in sustainably sourced materials. Peter works with a holistic approach in physiotherapy and personal training, and loves to move and teach. Peter and Julie have taught for many years at regular classes, workshops and festivals both in Denmark and Europe. Jeppe has extensive experience as a teacher and community pioneer, with a big role in growing the danish acroyoga-scene with Line Bangsbo. He has taught yoga and acroyoga in workshops, teacher trainings and retreats all over Europe and Asia. He has now settled down with his family in Copenhagen as the founder of Rört.


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THE PRICE FOR THE 50 hours EMBODIED ANATOMY COURSE is 6.000,- DKK. Members of Rört get a 10% discount and pay 5.400,- DKK.
Required material is the book “Trail Guide to the Body” by Andrew Biel. (not included in the price).
The course will be taught in English.

To sign up for the course, go to our course page here.
You will get a full refund, should the corona-regulations force us to cancel this course. For the details and the cancellation policy, please read our terms and conditions.

YOU WILL GET A RÖRT 50 hours EMBODIED ANATOMY CERTIFICATE after the course, if you have attended a minimum of 85 % of the sessions.