IF YOU HAVE PRACTISED JUST A BIT OF ACROYOGA, you have probably ended up teaching too. It’s an obvious move to share the practice you love with the people you love. This course is about growing that seed through three main pillars: deepening your practice, developing as a teacher and creating supportive communities.

THE CORE THEME OF THIS TRAINING, BÄREDYGTIG, relates directly to each of the three pillars. Bäredygtig literally means to carry skillfully, and also translates to “sustainable”.

Regarding the practice of acroyoga itself, Bäredygtig applies to each of the roles in the practice of acroyoga, where this teacher training will allow for a deep dive into the skill of carrying as a base, the skill of being carried as a flyer and the skills of catching/supporting as a spotter. Growing as a teacher, Bäredygtig relates to taking care of yourself in that role and building the skills that make you capable of confidently carrying the responsibility of being a teacher. And finally, perhaps most importantly, this is an opportunity to be part of and learn how to lead a sustainable community, building those connections between people that can carry you through a playful and vital life.

THE TEACHERS ON THE COURSE are Julie Hendel, Peter Hunter and Jeppe Skovgaard. Julie Hendel and Peter Hunter are a power-couple, part of shaping the Danish acroyoga community for many years, and have taught on festivals both in Denmark and Europe. Peter is a physiotherapist and personal trainer and Julie is a professional fashion designer specializing in sustainably sourced materials. Jeppe has extensive experience as a teacher and community pioneer and has taught yoga and acroyoga in workshops, teacher trainings and retreats all over Europe and Asia.


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THE PRICE FOR THE 50 hours EMBODIED ANATOMY COURSE is 6.000,- DKK. Members of Rört get a 10% discount and pay 5.400,- DKK.
Required material is the book “Trail Guide to the Body” by Andrew Biel. (not included in the price).
The course will be taught in English.

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You will get a full refund, should the corona-regulations force us to cancel this course. For the details and the cancellation policy, please read our terms and conditions.

YOU WILL GET A RÖRT 50 hours EMBODIED ANATOMY CERTIFICATE after the course, if you have attended a minimum of 85 % of the sessions.