We are pleased to reveal the full line-up of teachers and workshops for the festival below, as well as concerts and a few talks. Scroll down and click on each teacher/speaker/artist to see which workshops or event they are teaching/facilitating and read their biography as well.

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Sign up for the workshops will open on Sunday the 26th of June at 18:00 Copenhagen time. If you bought a ticket for the festival you will have received an email with instructions on how to sign-up.

Scroll down and select each venue and the dates 1-3rd of July to see where you sign up. Further down you find the list of teachers, artists & speakers and description of their workshops & events.

Rikke Libak

I have loved dance in all its manifestations my whole life. 18 years ago when I came across Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms, I felt instantly at  “home”. Here I could move freely, honestly, and vividly.

I have always been interested in promoting health and after having worked as project nurse on a stress clinic, I decided to educate myself to become a MBSR-coach (mindfulness). In this I quickly realised the value of bringing the qualities and attitudes of mindfulness onto the dancefloor – and assist others in doing the same.

Grand Gathering: Free Dance (Friday 20:30 – 22:00)

This evening we meet on the dance floor to let free movements, dance and silence guide us into deeper connection with ourselves and each other. An invitation to feel, express, and play with all the energy and flavors that arises from within and in between us as we move into ecstatic highs – come join the ride.

We fill up the Rört Courtyard with people on this open-sky dancefloor as Rikke Libak facilitates this Free Dance session for everyone on the festival.

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Jeppe Skovgaard

I began climbing buildings at night because I couldn’t sleep. It became parkour. I began yoga because parkour made me so strong that I could no longer breathe. I began acroyoga because I lacked a connection with other people and missed a community.

I started Rört because I believe that all kinds of movement have specific qualities, that they are all potentially moving and touching – and because I have a burning desire to create a community in Copenhagen across disciplines where we can meet as human beings and inspire, touch, and move each other.

Arrival Gathering: Rört Treasure Hunt (Friday 19:30 – 20:30)

In this gathering we take time to arrive, build connection and establish a shared foundation for our practice during the festival. Most of the time we will be blindfolded and you will get to feel a few corners of Rört and get the basics of consent work refreshed – Teachers facilitating are Jeppe Skovgaard, Line Bangsbo & Maja Ejrnæs

Workshops: Yoga – Aum, Wroahh and Good Morning feat. Mathias Loose (Saturday 8:00 – 9:30)

Be the creator of this collaborative yoga practice of Singing, Breathing and Moving when Jeppe Skovgaard joins forces with the musician and loop artist Mathias Loose. While you move through the asanas he creates an on-the-spot soundscape from the sounds of yogis waking up in their rusty and juicy festival bodies and we let the sounds of community lift us higher and deeper. Let’s celebrate and vibrate. Aum, wroahh (!) and good morning.

Closing Ceremony (Sunday 15:30 – 17:30)

For the closing ceremony Line Bangsbo and Jeppe Skovgaard will – after many years on different and still similar roads – join forces for a long and carefully crafted bye bye hug. Expect: thai yoga massage, playing and singing to support us all sealing the festival

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Johan Nilsson

I am exploring and working with natural sciences and art. I am a trained gardener and teacher in Biodynamic farming. Its connection to alternative methods, antrophosofic pedagogy and its deep relationship to the natural world and plant forces are great sources of inspiration to me. In contact improvisation I like to relate to weight shifts and space and I definitely love to take a certain amount of risk.

Workshop: Contact Improvisation – Imperfect Sphericity (Saturday 15:30 – 17:30)

We will explore contact improvisation. Working with questioning how we move over each other, on each other and with each other. We will use forces of fun and forces of momentum as we move and construct bubbles of functional dance. We will use basic techniques and principles from CI, imagining ourselves to be hyper-spherical and learn how to travel within a spherical landscape in a shared dance. Touch, communication, listening and dance, dance, dance….

Talk: Ecosomatics – Body & Earth as One (Saturday 11:00 – 13:00)

Ecosomatics opens up for an inspiring dialogue about the dynamic relationship between the earth and the living beings that inhabit it… We begin to move in the womb, and are then in constant motion throughout life. Our bodies are our deepest contact with the earth and with humanity at large. We are all born of someone else’s body, living on earth through a dynamic exchange with the surrounding environment, and we return our bodies to earth when we die. Through our bodies and our movement experiences, we learn about ourselves, about each other and about our world.

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Lisa Andersson Rhodiner

Lisa Andersson Rhodiner (SWE) is an international yoga teacher, soulful entrepreneur, lover of all things creative, travel and health. She’s the founder of Inspiro Yoga and True North Vinyasa, running international yoga retreats and trainings in Sweden and Portugal.

Workshop: Yoga: Like Water (Saturday 15:30 – 17:30)

In this exploratory and experimental workshop you’ll be guided to connect to the element of WATER through asanas, slow juicy transitions, pranayama and mudras. You’ll be guided to connect to fluidity and adaptability. The flowing, sometimes gentle, sometimes strong – yet always sensual nature. As if we couldn’t slow down enough, let’s slow down even more. Slow is the new strong.

Workshop: Yoga: Double-up Vinyasa (Sunday 8:00 – 9:30 – See Lisa & Nazar description below)

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Nazareno Grisola

Born and raised in Uruguay I’m a lover of movement, play and nature. Since I was 19 I’ve been exploring the world, living and learning in more places that I can remember. My life has been, and still is today – a big adventure. As I traveled Asia in 2004 I discovered the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa, a physically demanding yoga style that requires strong discipline, dedication and body awareness. I got completely hooked. A couple of years later I got introduced to Vinyasa and not long thereafter I took my first teacher training in India. Since 2011 I’ve been dedicating my life to yoga, both as a teacher and student. In my classes you can expect a fun and playlful environment where you’ll be guided through powerful sequences, spicy core work and most likely an arm balance or two! I’ll challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone in a light-hearted way! For me the most important thing though, is that you really listen to your body.

Workshop: Yoga – Arm Balances & Transitions 

A fiery playful workshop where it’s all about having fun, getting challenged and getting out of your head! The workshop starts with a proper warm up of wrists, core and shoulders, followed by a short flow, then diving into arm-balances that use Chaturanga Dandasana as a foundation. We’ll break down the arm balances, go over technique, how to use props as well as weaving the poses into transitions. No matter how much experience you have of arm balances before there will be something new to play with and explore! Postures we’ll cover: Crow Pose, Side Crow, Flying Pigeon, Peacock, Firefly, Half Firefly /Half Crow, Koundinyasana A+B and Eight-Angle pose. Transitions we’ll cover: jump from Crow Pose to Chaturanga, Down Dog jump to Crow, Koundinyasana to Chaturanga, Eight-Angle to Koundinyasana/Chaturanga and Firefly to Bakasana. Come with an open mind and playful heart! As always it’s not about reaching the pose itself, it’s about the journey there!

Workshop: Yoga: Double-up Vinyasa (Sunday 8:00 – 9:30 – See Lisa & Nazar description below)

A playful, creative all-level Vinyasa class co-taught by Lisa and Nazareno. Being two teachers with different voices and energies this class becomes a unique experience. Move your body through fluid sequences, get out of your head and maybe try out some funky variations of poses. Reconnect to your breath and your curious self!

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Lisa & Nazareno

Lisa Andersson Rhodiner (SWE) and Nazareno Grisolia (URU) is an international yoga teacher duo known for their inspiring, uplifting and playful Vinyasa classes, both teaching as a duo and individually. Through their company Inspiro Yoga they offer international yoga retreats, bringing people together from all over the world.

Workshop: Yoga: Double-up Vinyasa (Sunday 8:00 – 9:30)

A playful, creative all-level Vinyasa class co-taught by Lisa and Nazareno. Being two teachers with different voices and energies this class becomes a unique experience. Move your body through fluid sequences, get out of your head and maybe try out some funky variations of poses. Reconnect to your breath and your curious self!

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Janni Popp

I was drawn to yoga in 2013, a few months after a car accident had left its marks and limitations in my body. I found my way to the yoga mat and eventually I rediscovered my flexibility, strength, body awareness and gratitude. I experienced that it was enough to be me – which was in dramatic contrast to what I found in the world of theatre that I was otherwise engaged in.

In my teachings I want to create and hold a space, in which you can close your eyes and tune into your body, your senses and your intuition. I love free and organic movements, repetitions and visualizations. I am not interested in ‘perfect outer’ alignment, but rather on you letting go of the idea of something being right or wrong so you can stay curious and find your own way, by letting your body take you into movements that feel good for you. I love playing with sequencing and music, and I’m deeply fascinated by finding movement in stillness and stillness in movement.

Workshop: Shake the Dust – Let it Flow (Friday 15:30 – 17:30)

Shake the Dust is a transformative and embodied practice of the bodyheartmind. Through a guided poetic universe we journey between perpetual movement, rest, release and free movement. As we dive into the landscape of the body, and as we become more aware, emotions tend to rise to the surface. When we learn to drop the story about the emotion, we discover that it’s all energy that can be used and set in motion. This is what this practice will be all about: Observe, hear and listen. Release into the energy beneath the emotion and let it flow.

Workshop: Web Release (Sunday 8:00 – 9:30)

In this practice we aim at releasing the inner web of the body. Through myofascial release (using tennis balls) and soft intuitive movements, we invite stuck emotions and tension to release, allowing the energies to come back into motion, back into flow. You are invited to dive into the subtle sensations of your body and surrender to the energies that move within. The whole body is connected through fascia, like a web woven around every muscle, bone, organ, nerve and artery. This connective tissues connects and also separates all parts of the inner body, ideally allowing muscles and organs to slide and glide without friction. Fascia is said to store emotional memory, which can manifest as tension or pain. By giving pressure into these tight points, the ‘knots’ or trigger points are released, which increases the blood flow and makes the tissues more mobile and flexible.

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Line Bangsbo

My passion and my explorations is the bodily encounter with ourselves and others, and the curiosity towards how we bring freedom, healing, intimacy, and creativity into these meetings. I use many methods to work with this: yoga, meditation, thai yoga massage, acroyoga, theatre, bodywork, conscious relating, ceremony and voice. I have been teaching since 2008 and have for the past many years held numerous courses, workshops, and retreats in yoga, meditation, acroyoga, thaiyoga-massage and conscious relating. I live on Møn and teach regularly in Copenhagen.

Workshop: Consent – Meetings with integrity (friday 15:30 – 17:30)

Working with consent is fun, healing, challenging and creates meetings with a lot of connection and presence. Through exercises of touch and consent we investigate how we express, verbally and non-verbally, our limits and desires. The freedom to want what we want and reject what we don’t want creates playful spaces where we can both give and receive, take and allow, and cultivate the gifts of integrity, generosity, trust and gratefulness. You can join alone or with a partner, and we will change partners throughout the workshop.

Workshop: Thai Yoga Massage – Bodies in Flow (Saturday 11:00 – 13:00)

In this festival workshop on thai yoga massage you will learn simple and amazing techniques to touch another with connection, and to move your body in order to move the other. Moving in meditation we focus on staying present in the touch as well as learning some cool moves and great methods of bringing flow to the body. Thai yoga massage is also called the Sacred Dance, and both giving and receiving the techniques are healing for the body. You can join alone or with a partner.

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Peter Hunter

Movement was the way out of addiction for Peter Hunter. From graffiti and street parkour as a kid to yoga, dance and acrobatics that became teachers of life, Peter is a passionate and kind mover with a physiotherapist side-gig, a 10 year handstand obsession and and a whole lot of bad jokes.

Workshop: Handstands with Peter – The fun of it (Saturday 15:30 – 17:30)

Handstanding or equilibre is an amazing art often practiced in stringent and frankly boring ways. So in this workshop, without compromising on quality of learning, we’ll work on both traditional exercises and unorthodox ones using objects and each other to add twists and focus points that change the experience of practicing handstands dramatically. You can join regardless of level, the hope is that everyone will be surprised at least a couple times in the quirky variations Peter has thought up over the years of playing, practicing and teaching.

Workshop: Floorwork Flow and Rolling (Saturday 11:00 – 13:00)

Give your neck and shoulders some 3D yoga and release as you learn to coordinate and flow close to the ground. We will have a special focus on learning how to roll over the shoulder with progressions for everyone – come even though you don’t like summer saults or even if you already dive roll for fun. This theme will be mixed with floorwork ABC’s and multiple chances to simply set the body free with what you have learned.

Workshops: Acroyoga (See Peter & Julie description below)

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Julie & Peter

Peter and Julie are some well-known faces in the Danish Acroyoga community who are down to earth, fun-loving and nerds when it comes to the fine details of technique in acro. Their approach as teachers is oriented more towards communication, trust and principles of thinking, and not dogmatic rules or one-size-fits-all instructions. They have taught in multiple festivals and retreats around Europe.

Workshops: The Acroyoga Experience (Friday 15:30 – 17:30)

This open-level workshop will take you through ALL of the three elements of Acroyoga: The solar acrobatics, the lunar therapeutics and the yoga of moving together. It can be your first exposure with Acroyoga, but we will definitely look to challenge you technically building on the practice you might already have.

Workshops: Acroyoga: Pop the Jam (Sunday 11:00 – 13:00)

POPPING changed Acroyoga some years ago because it is SO fun and fundamentally REQUIRES you to listen to your partner. In this workshop we’ll break down how to get the tempo right, how to communicate non-verbally, and how to reach those crazy heights. This workshop isn’t the optimal first exposure to acroyoga, but if you have some basic experience then don’t worry to much about level, because the pops are safe and fun for everyone.

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Rasmus Bugge

Rasmus Bugge is a Copenhagen-based yoga and movement teacher, Studio Manager in Rört and passionate campfire guitarist. His teaching aims to free you from the dogmas of specific disciplines and to help shape your own movement practice into something where playfulness and versatility is at the heart

Workshop: Animal Flow (Friday 15:30 – 17:30 )

Walking on our feet is easy and the body is build for doing it. But our bodies can move in so many other ways: crawling, jumping, rolling, etc and we rarely get to appreciate that these movements can be damn fun, challenging and stimulating for the body.

The moves and shapes in this workshop take inspiration from the animal kingdom and from other practices like caipoera, parkour and dance, but you don’t need any experience to join. We will challenge our coordination, our strength and mobility as we learn new shapes and movement sequences. We also engage in many partner exercises, exploring both cooperative movement and oppositional movement doing what almost all mammals do: fighting playfully, and most importantly having fun!

Expect to sweat, be confused, move in ways you haven’t done before and rediscover the animal that you are.

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Birgitte Gorm

Birgitte is a psychologist (PhD) and brings 3 decades of experience to her work as a yoga and meditation teacher. She started practicing Buddhist meditation in 1992 and is a dedicated Zen student with Genpo Roshi who originated the Big Mind process. She is one of only 2 people in Denmark who offers Big Mind facilitation and has several trainings in process and group work. Her main area of expertise is working with people in leadership positions such as teachers, managers and thought leaders.

Workshop: Big Mind – Walking your true Path (Saturday 15:30 – 17:30)

The expression “dharma” is often used to refer to a sacred duty or a true spiritual path. One we are to seek, find and fulfil during our lifetime. But dharma can also mean “all things” or “teachings”. In this workshop we will use the Big Mind process to get a little clearer on our own true path and how we can walk it with more trust and ease. An opportunity to get behind conceptual understandings and have a more direct experience of what dharma could mean for you.

The workshop takes place as a structured dialogue between Birgitte and the group, giving voice to aspects of our inner world that are not yet fully awakened. We will pause for short meditations along the way.

About Big Mind: The Big Mind process is invented and developed by Zen teacher Genpo Roshi. It integrates the wisdom of eastern spiritual traditions with relational perspectives from western psychotherapy. The facilitation allows the group to explore aspects of the self that can hinder free functioning in life when they are buried or disowned. By speaking in the first person as a “voice” rather than speaking as the self, the process allows you to externalize from your everyday frame of mind and connect to inner resources that have perhaps been disowned or hidden. You need no prior knowledge of meditation, zen, psychotherapy or spirituality to participate. All you need is a spirit of inquiry and a beginner’s mind.

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Malou Dee

”It moves me to witness bodies unfold in exploration, allowing the goodness that comes from moving your body to rise. I wish to create a safe, loving and playful space.”
Besides teaching Dans Form and workshops in Rört, Malou is currently working full time at Vesterbro Ungdomsgård. She is responsible for the dance section, and teaches 14 classes a week for young ones between the age 10-18 and has been studying both physical theatre, dance, performance at different schools and trainings.

Workshop: Dance Flow (Saturday 8:00 – 9:30)

The invitation in this damce class is both vibrant and explorative. There will be parts where the movements are guided, but you will for sure find that a “narrower” and guided frame of movement can really awaken your creativity and sense of flow. As we go along, we will also break out of these guided shapes and explore more wild and completely free dancing. No experience is needed. Join us and start of your day in the most vitalizing and grounding way – by dancing. Everybody is welcome.

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Katinka Wissing

Katinka has been practicing parkour/art du deplacement for almost 10 years and taught it for almost as long. Katinka is curious about how we interact with, shape, and get shaped by our surroundings through movement. For Katinka, the architecture of public space and our cities are places that inspire to movement, playfulness and formation and reformulation of how we practice community.

Workshop: Parkour4All (Sunday 11:00 – 13:00)

Parkour is a movement practice that sees the city as a playground for movement. Through games, challenges and creativity, parkour teaches a different way of being a body in the landscape of the city and about other ways of doing community. This workshop is for everyone who is either interested in trying parkour for the very first time, or curious to deepen their understanding and practice in parkour. There is space for all body types, ages and genders. This workshop aims to give space for you to move and challenge yourself from where ever you are in your movement journey. We will play games, have fun, be super focused and sweat.

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Björn Behn

I spent too many weekends of my early teenager years at athletics competitions, before I figured out that sports could also be fun while I do it, and not only if I win in the end. Discovering long-distance running, I found joy in moving and once had the brilliant idea to run 100 km. Parkour, natural movement and especially the Fighting Monkey Practice inspired me to find healthy and holistic ways to work with my body, to challenge myself while taking care and to meet myself through the practice. These experiences are what I want to share when I teach.

Workshop: Trappeträning Special (Saturday 8:00 – 9:00)

Trappeträning is not only a fun way to get a full body workout that improves your strength, condition and balance. It is also a creative way to move in and rediscover our built environment – you’ll never want to use an escalator again.

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David Ramati

David Ramati is a DJ & Percussionist who has been playing at numerous festivals and events all over the world for over 20 years, including regularly at Burning Man Festival, and this year also at the Rört Festival. He plays music that is sometimes energetic & ecstatic, sometimes soft & mellow, filled with groove and rythm and invites you to move in exactly the way you wish to. He combines his DJ sets with live percussion & drums to create an irresistable dance floor where the crowd, the music and the DJ communicate in the universal language of rythm and dance.

Grand Gathering: Dancegrooves & Live Drums (Saturday 22:00 – 24:00)

Come join the dancefloor as David Ramati fills this Saturday night with rhytmic and eclectic grooves & live percussion. Allow yourself to listen and move however your want, freeing body and mind as we go on this rythmic and ecstatic journey together.

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Christina, Niels & Line

Christina, Niels & Line have been playing Kirtan together for years, and have both travelled, lived & played extensively in India, the home of Kirtan. In their Kirtan concerts we practice listening and following the energy, be it up or down, from quiet to ecstatic. Singing these emotions we are transported to another more liberated state of consciousness. Their concerts welcome every voice, whether loud & quiet and weave together mantras & music with mythical storytelling.

Grand Gathering: Kirtan Concert (Saturday 20:00 – 21:30)

KIRTAN is a community event around the practice of singing simple mantras. ALL VOICES ARE WELCOME for kirtan, a joyful discipline and a meditation with sound, in which we go where the song takes us. Each kirtan has a different sound, created by those who participate. We practice listening and following the energy, be it up or down, from quiet to ecstatic. We sing these emotions and are transported to another more liberated state of consciousness. Singing has a transformative and healing power and singing together enhances this power.

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Alexander Mckenzie

Alexander Mackenzie is a guitarist and yogi. For the last couple of years, he has been studying the music of West Africa (Mali, Niger in particular). Through his newly found teacher, Derek Gripper, Mackenzie is honing his ability to channel this beautiful music through the classical guitar.

Concert: Classical & West African Guitar (Sunday 10:00 – 11:00)

Alexander Mackenzie will fill the yard with soothing sounds for your tired sunday bodies. On classical guitar he will improvise in the style of the west african kora – a harp-like instrument played by the likes of Toumani Diabate & Basekou Kouyate. He might play a few select pieces by J.S. Bach as well.

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Lotte Lys – LoFN

LoFn has only known herself as a songwriter who mostly held the nature of the woods as her audience. Within the healing journey of finding more inner peace, acceptance and understanding for the nature of path she is on, songs came to support that journey. At some point the sounds called to be shared, and so she is. Inspired by yoga, shamanic work, taoism and tantrism she tries to tell stories of how she sees and experience the world and nature of love.

Evening Concert (Saturday 22:00 – 23:00)

LoFn as a symbolic storyteller, is a goddess in nordic mythology who serves with the purpose of creating open paths for the manifestations of true and free love. LoFn as a songwriter is writing from a place of serving healing and love with her lyrics and presence in the music and with the audience. This night at Rört she holds an intention to create a meditative concert where all expressions of who you are is being welcomed in the communication in between us beings and the music; in dance, in silence, in tears, in ambience, in love. LoFn will share songs from an embodied and observing healing journey acoompanied by musicians to unfold the soundscapes in an alternative folky whisper of presence.

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Cecilie Glenthøj

Performing from an early age creative expression has always played an important role. Being a worldtraveller Cecilie also shares her music abroad. Aside from singing, Cecilie has a background in educational psychology, trauma- and movement therapy. She works in headspace, a children- and youth consultation. The wellbeing of young people is a matter close to her heart. Always in the making of new creative projects, she recently created “Move & Chill” with Freja Witt. Combining elements of bodywork, free dance and soundscapes in a cocreated explorativ space.

Intimate Acoustic Concert (Friday 22:00 – 23:00)

Be a part of an intimate musical journey, when singer and songwriter Cecilie Glenthøj presents original, melodic songs in Danish, English & Spanish. Her sound is genuine, expressive and soulful. The songs she creates reflect her own search for a stronger sence of belonging to nature, to the people around her, to herself – in a world constantly changing. On stage, Cecilie has a unique way of being present with her audience. She aims to connect and inspire – also by inviting the crowd to participate and cocreate with her. Now, allow yourself to be moved & be recharged when Cecilie invites you into an enchanting space in between worlds. A magical night to share and remember, too.

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Andy Samson

Bio to come soon

Saunagus + Icebath (Saturday & Sunday 8:30 – 9:30)

SAUNAGUS TAKES PLACE IN Rört’s woodfired sauna. We use the heat from the sauna and the cold from our cold water tub to create presence and softness in our bodies – and to create a space for us to sit close together, breathe together, sing together and let the sweat flow.

This edition features an Icebath in between rounds, where you get your chance to immerse in the icy waters  and let the contrast of heat and cold awaken an inner fire.

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Luke MacAuley

Bio to come soon

Saunagus (Friday & Saturday 22:15 – 23:15)

SAUNAGUS TAKES PLACE IN Rört’s woodfired sauna. We use the heat from the sauna and the cold from our cold water tub to create presence and softness in our bodies – and to create a space for us to sit close together, breathe together, sing together and let the sweat flow.

In each session, the Rört Gus-masters will set the pace, control the temperature, decide on the oils being poured on the oven and guide the vibe. Going through ranges of quiet meditation, to ecstatic singing in the heat !

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