SOLD OUT - UBERÖRT FESTIVAL 2023The Heart of Gathering - July 5th - 9th

movement x nature x regenerative practices x deep listening x community x visionaries x lake swims x long table dinners x sauna x storytelling & singing at the fireplace

UBERÖRT WILL BE A CELEBRATION OF MOVEMENT & COMMUNITY set deep in Swedish nature in the Summer of 2023. Combining the high vibe and wildness of a festival with the support of an embodied community gathering and with nature as the ever-present container. For now just imagine longtable dinners under the open sky, ecstatic nights of dancing in the barn and quiet moments of deep reflection in the forest.

WE EASILY UNDERESTIMATE THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER of stepping into an alternative reality. Here, we can challenge the existing, listen in and get inspired for future actions. UBERÖRT FESTIVAL will be that alternative reality of embodied community living, regenerative practices, deep listening to (your) nature, lake swims, sauna ceremonies, storytelling at the fireplace and much more.


THE RECIPE IS SIMPLE. 150 people spend five days in the deep and mostly untouched nature at Möllan Retreat. We do daily embodiment practices, we give space for connections to form and in the midst of it all we co-create a deeply nurturing community that is equally supportive and challenging.

INDIVIDUAL AND TOGETHER. The festival will offer both: the high vibe and the intensity of big gatherings and quiet pockets of solitude for individual explorations. We believe the balance between these poles will make for the best and most transformative experience and the festival will leave room for both.

WORKSHOPS, TEACHERS & EVENTS: UBERÖRT will feature more than 30 different workshops with movement & practices ranging from slow & subtle to wild & ecstatic, including: Yoga, Saunagus, Meditation, Ecstatic & Free Form Dancing, Acroyoga, Bodywork, Thai Yoga Massage, and much more.
The workshops and concerts will take place on the grass, in the forests, on a rock, in an old wooden barn or perhaps in the lake (?) and we will let that inspiration guide our practice. In addition to workshops, gatherings and concerts will be an important part of the festival. The full program will be released on April 15th here


SLEEPING: We will sleep outside close to nature and you will need to bring your own tent and sleeping equipment for this festival. The campsite is located right at the festival ground in a beautiful and big birch meadow with a gentle stream running nearby.
Should you require to stay in a room instead of a tent, we have limited availability of rooms with beds for an additional fee. Please reach out to us at to enquire about the option to stay in a room.

FOOD: Gathering around great food is integral in this festival experience, and we will have many chances to sit together under both open skies, in the forest and also inside a large barn in a festive long-table setup. We’ll be eating delicious, vegetarian, organic and seasonal meals with many ingredients sourced locally from nearby farmers. Everything will be cooked and prepared onsite by a chef and a team of festival volunteers.


DATES: Arrive July 5th from 15:00. The festival ends on Sunday July 9th around 14:00 with goodbye hugs and departure.

LOCATION & TRANSPORT: Uberört takes place at Möllan Retreat in Sweden, around 4 hours drive from CPH at: Höghultström 2, 360 70 Åseda, Sweden You need to cover transport back and forth on your own. Those who buy a festival ticket will be invited to a car-pooling platform. It is also possible to take the train e.g. from copenhagen (download the app “Länstrafiken Kronoberg” to find the cheapest train tickets) + bus to the town nearby called Åseda, from where you can organize to be picked up in car by other festival participants.

KIDS ON THE FESTIVAL: It is possible to bring kids from age 0-3 to the festival without buying an extra ticket. For kids age 4-18 you pay 50 % of a normal ticket. The workshops and events will mostly be for the adult participants, but there will be activities marked in the program where you can also bring your kids along. Throughout the festival you have the responsibility for your kid as a parent. Please write to us at if you wish to bring kids with you for the festival.

ALCOHOL AND DRUGS POLICY: None of that allowed. None of that needed.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please see our terms and conditions here

ALL TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT (join us next year!)

All tickets include full access to the festival, workshops & events, campsite and all food.

Regular Tickets – SOLD OUT
Rört-member: 3.995 kr / Non-member: 4.395 kr

Volunteer tickets – SOLD OUT (write an email to to get on the waitlist)
Both Rört-members and non-members: 1995 kr
Read more about being a volunteer here

If you have a ticket for either of the two festivals, you can write an email to to get a 10 % discount on your Uberört ticket. Remember to write before you buy your Uberört ticket. If you are attending both acroyoga festivals you get 15 % discount.

There will only be a total of 150 tickets available for the festival.