The teachers

We have gathered a team of teachers that we love and are proud of. They come from various movement backgrounds and their stories are very different, but they all share the belief that movement can and should be moving.

All are experienced. All are beginners.
Get to know them below.

Jeppe Skovgaard

I began climbing buildings at night because I couldn’t sleep. It became parkour. I began yoga because parkour made me so strong that I could no longer breathe. I began acroyoga because I lacked a connection with other people and missed a community.

I started Rört because I believe that all kinds of movement have specific qualities, that they are all potentially moving and touching – and because I have a burning desire to create a community in Copenhagen across disciplines where we can meet as human beings and inspire, touch, and move each other.

Acroyoga moves me when I see students exploring new territory. When my trust becomes their self-confidence. When a new light shines in their eyes and freedom is apparent in their movements and minds.

Meet me at: Acroyoga I, Yoga GROW I, Yoga FLOW, Mid-week mindful, Trappetræning (sub), Parkour (sub)

Rikke Libak

I have loved dance in all its manifestations my whole life. 18 years ago when I came across Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms, I felt instantly at  “home”. Here I could move freely, honestly, and vividly.

I have always been interested in promoting health and after having worked as project nurse on a stress clinic, I decided to educate myself to become a MBSR-coach (mindfulness). In this I quickly realised the value of bringing the qualities and attitudes of mindfulness onto the dancefloor – and assist others in doing the same.

Dance moves me because it grants us an opportunity to “be in ourselves” and with each other in an authentic, present, and aware manner. When we allow the dance to move “inside-out” we throw off some masks and we can experience to be met and perceived as who we are. It creates joy and makes us brave, free, and full of gratefulness – also outside the dancefloor. That moves me.

Meet me at: Dans FREE, Dans SLOW (Dance)

Peter Hunter

Movement was my way out of addiction. As teenager I stoned myself with hash and found an identity in graffiti, theft, and trouble. Parkour offered my adventurousness a positive playground. Yoga and dance taught me to dare to show myself without perfection and to be more authentic.

And then I have been running all of my life. In the past, I ran from things. My parents. My emotions. The police. Shy and afraid of conflict I won the elementary school race every year. I’m done with all that now. Now I run and move to get closer to myself, to others, and to nature.

I get moved when I move without a need to escape from exactly where I am. And – especially – when I can share that movement with you.

Meet me at: Acroyoga II, Yoga FLOW, Yoga GROW I & II and Handstand

Line Bangsbo

My passion is the bodily encounter with ourselves and others, and the curiosity towards how we bring freedom, intimacy, and creativity into this meeting. My exploration investigates how we accommodate ourselves and others when we meet, and how we invite intimacy into this meeting while feeling our own boundaries. That encounter is healing, and in it we create space to experience further aspects of what it means to be human.

I use many methods to work with this in my teaching: yoga, meditation, acroyoga, theatre, massage, and singing. My experience is that a joyful connection to the world begins with a joyful connection to ourselves and that is what I want to share in my teaching – where I put great emphasis on the safe space where it is fun and nice to explore.

I have been teaching since 2008 and have for the past six years held numerous courses, workshops, and retreat in acroyoga, yoga, meditation, and thaiyoga-massage. I live on Møn, teach in Copenhagen, and travel frequently.

Meet me at:, Sauna, Yoga FLOW and Yoga GROW (sub)

Katinka Wissing

I love moving in all kinds of ways. Movement gives me energy and calmness and is my tool to create and maintain contact to myself.

My curiosity for movement has taken me out and about, but I always return to parkour. For me, parkour is about freedom, community and about building trust and connection to oneself, one’s surroundings and the people around you.

And that is the pillars when I teach. I aim to create a trusting community where there is room for you to challenge yourself no matter your starting point. I want to create a space where we can be fully concentrated and present – but with plenty of room for play, laughter and letting lose.

It moves me when I light the fire in peoples’ eyes. When they give in to mix of challenge, smile, sweat and community. When we all go all-in, because everybody sees and feels what they gain from it.

Meet me at: Parkour, Stärk and Trappeträning

Dorte Bjerre Jensen

I have always been a very active and physical human being. I’ve ventured through life as a football player and martial artist doing taekwondo. and for me that was always about understanding the game between the people involved – understanding the contact that was established, and how I related to that myself. Then I started doing contact improvisation, and suddenly it felt like everything fell into place; I felt home.

Today, as a dancer, performer, researcher, facilitator, therapist and human being my practice is deeply rooted in bodily awareness.

I find contact impro to be a necessity in society at large, because it teaches us to listen more. It teaches us to listen to others in a fully present and compassionate way, but most importantly it reminds us to listen to ourselves and gives us a possibility to regain that bodily awareness. Become aware of our need for both touch and boundaries – and how they can coexist.

I am constantly moved in classes. By people showing up, people staying and people exploring and investigating themselves.

Meet me at: Contact Improvisation

Janni Popp

I was drawn to yoga in 2013, a few months after a car accident had left its marks and limitations in my body. I found my way to the yoga mat and eventually I rediscovered my flexibility, strength, body awareness and gratitude. I experienced that it was enough to be me – which was in dramatic contrast to what I found in the world of theatre that I was otherwise engaged in.

In my teachings I want to create and hold a space, in which you can close your eyes and tune into your body, your senses and your intuition. I love free and organic movements, repetitions and visualizations. I am not interested in ‘perfect outer’ alignment, but rather on you letting go of the idea of something being right or wrong so you can stay curious and find your own way, by letting your body take you into movements that feel good for you. I love playing with sequencing and music, and I’m deeply fascinated by finding movement in stillness and stillness in movement.

It touches me when a group of people arrive in their own space, together. When people surrender to the present moment and allow themselves to take up space and ownership of their practice.

Meet me at: Yoga FLOW, Yoga SLOW, and Yoga GROW (sub) and Shake the Dust

Rasmus Bugge

Movement and community have been the two great teachers guiding me through the journey of life. I began with a lot of movement without community but also a lot of community without movement. It was only when these two parts connected in Rört that felt connected to more heartfulness, to playfulness and to feeling that I really belonged, both when moving and being social.
I found joy in being a total beginner in new disciplines, realizing that the true value of getting good at something ,whether that is yoga, dance, or parkour, is really not about what you end up being able to do or becoming a master, but about enjoying the whole journey, regardless of where you end up, with all the stories, injuries and joys.

It moves me when I can fuel your curiosity and playfulness through movement to show you just how adaptable of an amazing human being you are, belonging right where you are.

Meet me at: BEVÄG, Yoga FLOW & GROW

Maja Ejrnæs

I love experimentation and care more about bodily sensation than visual appearance. I have been slightly allergic to ‘step-based-choreography’ since my contemporary dance training as a teenager, but I get easily addicted to improvised art practices. In my classes, I suggest principles and scores rather than fixed movement series. We will work with touch, weight sharing, friction, gravity, momentum, and body structure.I

I am touched by flow – the sense of being one with movement. When framed and focused improvisation enables interconnection between bodies, time, and space. When trust and curiosity is the outset for movement.

Meet me at: Contact IMPRO

Birgitte Gorm

I ran into a Tibetan Lama as a teenager. He must have made a big impression, it’s been 30 years and I still find myself regularly on a cushion, just staring into space.

I´m not sure if I got anything from all the yoga and Zen training that followed. I lost a few things though. Today, even my best ideas are continuously ridiculed by the fact that the daylight just changed. Or the teens’ voices from the kitchen. Or life tingling inside my palm. It´s with wonder and strange relief I realize – over and over again – that I really have no clue what’s going on.

My teaching has its own life and can best be described by its impractical tendency to fall apart every 7-10 years and then give way to something unruly. I never see it coming. They say it’s bad for business. They are completely right.

What to expect from my classes here at Rört? I hope it’s going to be embodied self-enquiry. I love sharing ways of moving directly from felt sensation rather than in accordance with scripture. I like non-linearity, unwinding around yoga postures, flowing in waves, rivers, spirals. I like the generosity of gravity, rocking, sounding and exploring the subtle rhythms of breath and awareness. And deep rest. And just sitting together, listening to the local neighborhood sutra.

What will you gain from all of this? Absolutely nothing. I guarantee it.

Meet me at: Yoga SLOW Yoga FLOW and Yoga GROW

Stinna Shaktiva

Yoga found its way into my life as a young gymnast and dancer in 2001. First in the form
of Asthanga yoga which repaired my unbalanced body, and became a practice I found peace, strength and felt at home in. Later the very same practice brought many yoga injuries, and felt like a dogmatic prison with lots of rules. It opened the door to discover and experiment with different methods and traditions.
The way I practice and teach yoga, dance and bodywork has changed form many times, and fortunately continue to do so.

I love discovering freedom in form, in ways that opens pathways to flow. A sun salutation or a small sequence, a repetition of a kriya or a mantra can be like a safe container, in a world that is constantly changing. There is a field where form and free movement, sound and stillness merge together, and I find that space very potent, peaceful and alive.

It moves me again and again when people show up, move, dance, sing, close their eyes, check in and take time to practice, discover and connect.

Meet me at: Kundalini & Gong

Sophie Kirk

I started my own yoga journey more than 10 years ago and ever since yoga has been a part of my life and a way to mental and physical health. I love both gentle and nourishing yoga especially the more physical and challenging classes where you maybe explore something new about yourself. Both gives me space to feel and to observe my reaction patterns. Each time I get to know myself a little bit more.

In my yoga teaching I emphasize being present and aware in the moment. In my classes you will find themes related to natures elements and music to support the journey. I do not focus on the ‘perfect’ outer alignment, but on letting you find your own authentic expression, both through free flows and organic movement I offer.

It moves me when I arrive in my own heart, when I feel it all without getting stuck and when I get eye contact with other people.

Meet me at: Yoga SLOW, FLOW & GROW (sub) and Shake the Dust


I am an an explorer by heart and have traveled the world and lived and worked in 6 different countries before the age of 30, yet now I’m mostly exploring my inner world and it never seems to get boring. Especially being the mother of two and spending my days in awe and frustration of the teachings my little ones.

What I love about yoga and meditation, is that it’s like a warm hug. It doesn’t need to be analyzed. It just works and we feel it. We immediately feel happier, lighter, and more balanced and connected with ourselves and others. And that’s why I first got into yoga back in 2001, because it made me feel happy and light. I’m in love with the flow state of moving and being and teach creative, breath-filled and meditative flowy classes. I’m also a prenatal, postnatal & baby&me yoga teacher, and do events at companies to reduce stress.

I am touched when students have eye-opening mind-body experiences connecting them back to their true self.

Meet me at: Yoga Flow , Yoga Grow & Slow (sub)

Sasa Lukic

Five years ago, when I decided to start travelling, I reconnected with an old friend: Music. At some point, I found myself with two old-school turntables in front of me and took the first steps to learn the art of DJ’ing. It was a very special moment where I found a way to express myself, full of energy, and a desire to share this newfound language of mine.

Over the years this language has evolved and I find myself drawn to creating and facilitating spaces where music is the central element, inviting for free movement, emotional exploration, calmness and contemplation.
You will find this when I facilitate the saunagus in the Sauna, and when I facilitate the Dance x Sauna where I am combining two elements that are very close to my heart.

It moves me when I meet a set of eyes and no words are spoken, just the language of music and movement; understanding each other on another level.

Meet me at: Saunagus & Dance x Sauna