Rört Coronavirus updates

Denmark is under a “shut down” due to the coronavirus pandemic – how does that affect your practice ?

On this page we want to communicate how we will adapt our schedule so we can continue moving in a safe and responsible way. If you want to go to our virtual studio, please see this page here.
[Please note that this information will be constantly updated as the events develop. Last update: 2020-03-29]

1.) What does the shut down mean?

2.) How does this affect the Rört schedule?

3.) Other questions

4.) More information

1.) What does the shut down mean?

Dear friends,

By now we have spend one week in this crazy new reality – and we have already found so many new ways to keep moving and to connect with each other. It has been heart warming to see the community come together, sharing ideas and support, and beginning the day with a live streamed morning meditation at home in their beds.

We said that Rört is founded on the core belief that there is always a practice and that in this coming period we will all be asked to show that there is action behind those words – that we can adjust and find practices in challenging times.
It has indeed been a creative challenge to develop new class formats for a digital setting, where we can still connect and move in a safe and healthy way. The online yoga and meditation sessions have already opened up these practices to people who had never tried them before, and even though we decided to stop all group outdoor classes, we are excited about trying out the new live and online running classes and bodyweight workout sessions.

Movement and community have only become more important now and we will continue to look for the practice, wherever we can find it and whatever shape it might take.
We hope that you continue to support Rört in these challenging weeks, with your practice and with your membership.

Take care, be kind.
Love, Jeppe & Björn

2. How does this affect the Rört schedule?

We are updating our schedule constantly and these are the adjustments we are making:

Live streaming of yoga and meditation: We have set up a “movie studio” in Rört, where the teachers will show up and teach their classes from. We aim to have all yoga classes and Roklubben live streamed from there and we hope this will make the practice feel familiar and homely.
You still need to sign up for a class on our website, and to start the class, please see the instructions for our Virtual Studio.
We have created a ticket that gives you access to the online classes at a reduced price, please see below under “Other questions”.

Outside classes: Luckily spring is here and luckily we are not (only) a yoga studio, but a movement community with many more options to move our practice outside. With virus-damaging sunlight (UV), wind and rain and fresh air, you should absolutely leave your apartment regularly and find ways to move outside.
We are not offering any group outdoor classes at the moment, but different formats where you can get a guided workout while you are moving outside – by yourself, but still connected to the other participants. 🙂

SPECIALS/Community meetings: It is still in the making, but we expect to have online-meetings/sharings with all our members on Wednesday evenings (19.00 – 20.30) where we can check in, listen to supportive perspectives and help one another to stay plugged in to a sense of community.

Mental well-being and community support: We will look into how we can best support your mental well-being with short meditations, inspiring reading and other communal activities. Furthermore, we will use our Rört online groups to connect people from the community that might need help with shopping, taking care of kids or whatever might be needed.

3) Other questions

Yes, you can still sign up for our classes on the schedule or via the app. All our classes will take place online, but some classes – like Löb (Running) and Stärk (Bodyweight workout for everyone) – are nicer to join while you are outdoors.

After signing up for a class on the schedule, go to our Virtual Studio before the class starts and follow the instructions on that page.

When you sign up for your first class, you can still use our Free Welcome ticket and join that class for free.
Since you will probably enjoy that class so much that you want to sign up for another one, we want to make it easier for you to stay active in these days. For that reason, we have set up the discount code “WeKeepMoving” that you can enter when you get your single class ticket and that will give you a 50% discount.
You can also sign up for a membership to get unlimited access to our whole schedule, or read more below for our Online Access ticket.

You can now get a “1 month unlimited Rört online access” ticket that allows you to sign up for an unlimited number of online classes, except for some Rört members only events.
We will offer online classes for as long as our studio remains shut down, which we expect to be end of April. Please be aware that we might stop offering online classes at any point and we cannot give any guarantee for how long we will offer them or how many online classes we can offer per week. These are uncertain times, but we are doing our best to keep up a diverse schedule – and we are proud of what we can offer already.

Get your .

This ticket is not transferable to another person and not refundable.
Please see our terms and conditions.

Yes, we also share some free classes and movement ideas on our Facebook Page and on our Instagram profile . We also started a YouTube Channel to share some videos with you.

The majority of our classes will require you to sign up, though, since we want to find a set up that allows us to keep paying our teachers and to make sure there still is a studio when this lock down is over.

Yes, all our classes are taught in English.

While we all have to do the best we can to stop further transmission of the virus, we should not just focus on not getting sick, we also have to focus on staying healthy. We are all under enormous stress these days, maybe separated from family and friends, worried about our jobs and businesses and fearing for the health of our fellow citizens and potentially our own. We have to make sure we do not start acting out of fear, panicking, losing our empathy and our nerves.
Movement and mediation are powerful tools to stay sane and fine some calm, and being part of a supportive community even more so. That is why we decided not to shut down our activities at Rört, but develop safe ways to practice, adjust the format of our classes and add more meditation sessions to our schedule. Spending the next few weeks without movement in isolation will be harmful and brings health risks as well, so join us for an online meditation or yoga session, or some workout instructions in your living room or garden.

We do not know yet, currently the “shut down” is scheduled to last until end of March. We hope we can return to normal classes, to practicing together in the studio and meeting each other with warm welcome hugs as soon as possible again. But we will find ways to make the best out of this situation for as long as we have to.

And we already learned a lot about new class formats and online streaming that will surely become a part of Rört going forward.

We extended the three months that a ticket is usually valid to to six months. That will allow you to re-use it for another class at a later time. If you chose to get a refund instead, you can do that as well, but please consider using the extended period instead, so the financial impact of this shutdown on us is at least a little bit lower, and the administrative workload remains manageable.

4) More information

If you have other questions about the Coronavirus/COVID-19, please refer to the official pages of the Danish Authorities:

Website of the Danish Police

Website of the Danish Health Autorities (Danish)

Website of the Danish Health Authorities (English)