So, what's the latest?

By now we are luckily back to a more normal mix of outdoor and indoor classes, with a few online classes sprinkled into the mix as an add-on. There is still a lot of extra rules that impact our classes and operations, like the requirement for a valid corona pas for indoor classes or distancing requirements that affect our class capacity. We’ll tell you all about it on this page here.

See you soon at the studio. There is always a practice.

Please note that this information will be constantly updated as the events can still develop on short notice. Last update: 2020-08-03

If you are looking for our virtual studio, please see this page here.


1.) How does this affect Rört’s activities?

2.) Other questions

3.) More information

1.) How does this affect Rört's activities?

Coronapas / Covid Passport:
Part of the regulations for reopening is making sure that all participants for indoor events have a valid coronapas. (Read about exemptions here)
We know that there are lots of different opinions on this topic and discussions about this are good and needed – but please not with an innocent teacher or helper on the check-in before class. 😉 These are the rules we have to play by for now so help us all to make the classes a peaceful experience by having the documents ready when you decide to join for an indoor class.

A valid coronapas means: You either need a negative test result that is less than 72 hours old for a quick/antigen test or less than 96 hours for a PCR test. Or you are fully vaccinated, or you have been sick with corona within the last half a year (180 days) and have a positive test result to show it. ( Read more here )
You can bring a pdf or print out of the test result, or use the “Minsundhed” app or Coronapas app.
The closest test center is only a few minutes by bike in Fælledparken, for exact location and opening hours see here.


Guidelines for indoor classes

– Bring a valid corona pas (see above).
– Please bring you own yoga mat – or rent one for a class for 25,- kr.
– Bring your own water bottle.
– Sign up beforehand to secure your spot and check-in on arrival.
– Arrive ten minutes before class start, so we can begin classes on time.
– Since there can be only three people at a time in the changing room, we recommend you arrive fully changed and ready for class.
– Disinfect your hands when you enter.


Guidelines for outdoor classes

We have to follow some rules and measures to do the outside classes safely. These rules are:

– Please arrive changed and ready for the class.
– You can use the Rört bathroom.
– Bring your own yoga mat for yoga + blanket for shavasana.
– Bring a water bottle.
– The official recommendation from the authorities is to keep 2 m distance.

General corona precautions still apply as well: Please stay at home if you have symptoms, don’t sneeze into your hands, use disinfectant. Take full control about how much physical interaction you feel comfortable with and whether you want to greet someone with a bow or a handshake.

No-Show Fees:
Please be aware that there is a no-show fee of 30 kr. for all outdoor and indoor classes, that you had signed up for and did not cancel at least three hours before class start. This is to make sure that we can fully use the limited capacity we still have for these classes and that no spot goes unused.

And how does this affect Rört's memberships and class tickets?

With both online and outdoor/indoor classes we have have adjusted our memberships accordingly. Currently we have a Rört Full Membership (and also a Student/Activist discount) and an Online Basic Membership.

Rört Membership
-The “Rört Membership” includes access to an unlimited amount of classes per month, both online and outdoor/indoor.
-It still has the “Student/Activist discount” membership version, which gives students or activists a 20% discount.
-The Full Membership and the Student Membership both include access to the Master classes and other special events as well.
-Get them here.

Online Basic Membership
-This membership gives you unlimited access to all regular online classes, from yoga, to dance, meditation etc.
-Outdoor/indoor classes, master classes and special events will not be included.
-Get it here.

4+1 Classes Membership
-The “4+1 Classes Membership” includes access to five classes per month, both online and outdoor/indoor.
-It also includes access to the Master classes and other special events as well.

You can still use our 10 classes Klippekort (here) for the online classes without any membership commitment – or sign up for single classes, too.
There is also a one month Online Access ticket, that allows you to sign up for an unlimited amount of online classes for one month without the advantages of a membership.


Specials and Master Classes

Over the next weeks, some international yoga, movement and embodiment teachers will make guest appearances in our Virtual Studio to teach classes for the Rört community. These classes will be included with the Rört Membership and the 4+1 Classes Membership, and everyone else can join these events with a separate ticket.

2.) Other questions

We encourage all indoor class participants to get tested before a class and we follow all the official guidelines on this matter. That also means that a Coronapas is not required from people who, for either medical reasons or as a result of a physical or mental disability, should not have a Covid-19 test performed (“Fritaget”). Read the guidelines from The Danish Health Authority regarding exemptions here.

Yes, please. You can click on “View details” to read more about the classes and the details about tickets and where to join.
Since there are a lot of changes these days, please read those details when you sign up.
– And if you find any info there that seems outdated, let us know… as we said, lots of changes these days. 😉

After signing up for a class on the schedule, go to our Virtual Studio before the class starts and follow the instructions on that page.
There is one button “Enter the next class” that brings you into our Virtual Studio for most of our classes, but if you are joining a meditation session, please use the second button called “Enter the Mindful Meditations”.

When you sign up for your first class, you can use our Free Welcome ticket and join that class for free.

You can also sign up for a membership to get unlimited access to our whole schedule, or read more below for our Online Access ticket.

Yes, all our classes are taught in English.

Our normal terms and conditions apply and you can find them here: Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policies.
If you have any other questions, please send us an email and we will try to help!

You can find more answers here in our FAQ section where we try to answer more frequently asked questions.

3.) More information

If you have other questions about the Coronavirus/COVID-19, please refer to the official pages of the Danish Authorities:

Website of the Danish Health Autorities (Danish)

Website of the Danish Health Authorities (English)

Kulturministeriet: Kulturlivet under covid-19