Here we go again...

Since end of October, the maximum group size for gatherings has been reduced to 10 people in Denmark. We are transitioning our schedule to this new limit and we will keep you informed here and on our social media about the new classes, facemask guidelines and other changes.

What you need to know now to navigate our schedule are the three different class formats we are introducing below: “Live at Rört”, “Online at Rört” (both happening at our studios) and “Online at home” (happening wherever you want them to).

There is always a practice.

On this page we want to communicate how we will adapt our schedule and our activities to the constantly changing coronavirus guidelines.

If you want to go to our virtual studio, please see this page here.

[Please note that this information will be constantly updated as the events can still develop on short notice. Last update: 2020-11-24]


1.) How does this affect Rört’s activities?

2.) Other questions

3.) More information

1.) How does this affect Rört's activities?


From Thursday, 29th of October on, please wear a facemask when you enter Rört. You can take them off again when you have arrived in Studio 1 or Studio 2 to begin your practice.

The good news is: We can still meet with 10 people! Some event types even allow for more than 10 people, read more below on the Questions-section. To make the most out of this opportunity to get some social interaction in these isolated times, we have introduced new class formats and adjusted our schedule.

The new class formats

“Live at Rört”
These classes will take place at Rört, with one teacher and nine students. These classes will also be livestreamed, for the other two formats:

“Online at Rört”
These classes will also take place at Rört, in our other studio, for ten students. You will see the livestream from the other class, so there will be no teacher in person in the class, but you can still practice together with others in the same space.

“Online at home”
These classes will take place via Zoom in our Virtual Studio. You can join from mobile or laptop, from home or work, from indoors or outdoors. For these classes, you can sign up with our “One month unlimited online access” ticket.

Others: Trappeträning will still take place outdoors on the stairs of the Black Diamond and Sauna sessions will still take place in our sauna. Yeah, we thought that works better than online sauna.. 😉

Please make sure to read the class description and check location and info when signing up.


Hygiene and Safety Guidelines

Unfortunately the Corona pandemic is not over yet, so we still have to take extra care of each other and follow the necessary steps to make sure we can practice safely together.
-Wear a facemask when entering Rört until you have arrived in Studio 1 or 2 to begin your practice.
-Please bring your own yoga mat. Reach out to us if you do not have one yet.
-Bring your own water bottle.
-There will not be access to the changing room, but you can use the toilets.
-Since the set-up will take a bit longer, show up on time, 10 minutes before class start.
-Please follow the preventive measures we have all practiced over the past months: Wash your hands or use handsanitizer, keep a safe distance, sneeze only into your elbow.
-If you show any symptoms or feel just a little sick, please take care of yourself at home and join another class when you can be sure that you are healthy and do not infect others.
-Since the official recommendations are constantly updated, please check the guidelines at the studio.

2.) Other questions

According to the official guidelines of Kulturministeriet, events that take place seated and facing towards a stage or a presenter, can be attended by up to 500 participants. The maximum number depends on the available squaremeters to allow enough distance. That means that we can have 40 participants for seated events, like talks, presentations or movie nights, in our Studio 1.

You can sign up for our classes on the schedule or via the app and when you click on “View details” you can see the location or read more details in the event description.
To learn more about the difference between the “Live at Rört”, “Online at Rört” and “Online at home” classes, please see the explanations above.

After signing up for a class on the schedule, go to our Virtual Studio before the class starts and follow the instructions on that page.

When you sign up for your first class, you can use our Free Welcome ticket and join that class for free.

You can also sign up for a membership to get unlimited access to our whole schedule, or read more below for our Online Access ticket.

Yes, all our classes are taught in English.

Our normal terms and conditions apply and you can find them here: Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policies.
If you have any other questions, please send us an email and we will try to help!

You can find more answers here in our FAQ section where we try to answer more frequently asked questions.

3.) More information

If you have other questions about the Coronavirus/COVID-19, please refer to the official pages of the Danish Authorities:

Website of the Danish Health Autorities (Danish)

Website of the Danish Health Authorities (English)

Kulturministeriet: Kulturlivet under covid-19